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Pre School

At Teddy Bears Day Nursery, our pre-school offers a safe and stimulating environment for our Big Teds children ages 3 to 5 years who are cared for by our Early years Teacher and experienced and nurturing staff who understand the importance of preparing young minds for their transition into “big school”.

We provide a variety of activities designed to help your child develop essential skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, and language development. Through fun games and team activities, we foster a love of learning that is sure to carry through from pre-school.

We believe in providing meaningful experiences in an atmosphere where children are encouraged to take risks and express themselves freely. Our team will work with you, as parents/guardians, every step of the way to ensure your child is comfortable, happy, and thriving.

At Teddy Bears Day Nursery, our priority is to help your little one get ready for big school – so they can have a head start on their educational journey.

The planning is completed for the pre school children in accordance with the EYFS, Early Years Foundation Stage which takes into account children’s individual age and development and works within the seven areas of learning.